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We bring to your attention furniture from environmentally friendly solid oak. Our furniture is durable and stylish, handmade. Our production facilities are located in Ukraine, so our brand is its own, native.

In addition, Laurel Home is an upholstered furniture made from quality materials. Creating a collection of upholstered furniture, we took care of the comfort of our customers, which is why, sitting on the Laurel Home sofa, you no longer want to leave it, because you will feel incredible softness and comfortable back support at the same time.

We also have handmade ceramic dishes for you. Thanks to the talent of our craftsmen who created an incredible collection of dishes, you can not only make a festive table setting, but also enjoy a cup of tea or a glass of coffee every day. After all, drinking morning coffee in our dishes is the best start to the day.

In addition, we have prepared for you bedding from soft French linen. It is with our linens that your sleep will be unrivaled. Thanks to natural soft linen, you will be slept and full of energy all day.

And also to fill your home with pleasant aromas and create an atmosphere of relaxation, you can smell Laurel Home aroma candles and aroma fireplace. Therefore, we know how to make your life perfect! It is with our goods that your life will become comfortable and convenient!

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